“her secret, defenseless self” – strong female characters « Requires Only That You Hate

There’s a running theme here, and it is that women don’t get to be powerful. Not for long. Not inherently and completely. She must have some weakness, some moment of vulnerability or breakdown, or experience some sort of trauma–preferably the sexual kind. She must be quickly demoted, usually to make room for the male protagonist or his male cohorts. Usually this weakness is passed off as depth, as a thing that “rounds her out” and which makes her more “relatable.”

What it actually does, though, is perpetuate the idea that strength in a woman is temporary and illusory.

THIS.  This is why I dislike the way that women are portrayed so often in fiction/media.  Because there is always that “strong but vulnerable/tender/some-other-traditionally-female-and-thus-weakening-emotion”.

Don’t even get me started on how rape has become this new way to make things “gritty” and “realistic”.  Even in fantasy.

Realism here, people; Bayaz the wizard slinging around magic is okay, society without patriarchy? NOT OKAY, SMELLING SALTS NOW THE MALES ARE FAINT. 

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