New sharing / bookmarking / archiving service:

Like Pinterest?  You might love  

I’ve been using it for a few weeks and found it works great.  Things I like about it:

  1. Pinterest-like layout allows me to makevisual collections of pretty thingsas well as groups oflinks to interesting texty things, all with the same service.
  2. Their posting widget also allows me to crosspost to Pinterest and Tumblr (or to Twitter or Facebook or Buffer, if you use those).
  3. Once you bolt a page, saves a copy of the page.  So, your bolt will always go to the static copy…which will always look exactly like it did the day you bolted it.  No more broken links!  (A link to the original is always available, too.)
  4. All the usual Pinterest ability to browse through an endless page of pretty things and re-post the things you like.
  5. Ability to search either all public Bo.lts or just your own.
  6. Tagging.  Collections.  Organization stuffs.
  7. Ability to keep your bolts completely private, should you so choose.
  8. Free.  ’Nuff said.  And now available without an invite.

Just thought that folks might want to try this out!  What do you say, fandom, is this something we are interested in?

EDIT:  Also, I sent in some suggestions to them the other day and just got back a candid and chatty reply to every one of my questions.  A++ for startup-fu!

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