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Reblawging for the morning crowd.  What do you get, you ask?  WELL.

For any Pay-What-You-Want:

Classics vol 1-4

Pay above the average donation (currently $10) to also get:
All Hail Megatron 1-4
Spotlight 1 (Hot Rod, Sixshot, Shockwave, Nightbeat and Ultra Magnus)

Pay over $15 to ALSO get:
Robots in Disguise 1-2

There’s also a placeholder for “more comics coming soon!”, and when/if they announce those, you’ll get those as well.

These are all DRM-free downloads, in your choice of format, from HQ PDF to .cbz.  And part of the purchase price goes to charity!  Go go go!

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lizwuzthere said: Red car with yellow rims.. Could we maybe get the word of god that that was, in fact, Knockout?? (Fabulous issue, btw! Totally didn't see that coming!)




Yes. That is Knock Out, Air Hammer, Injector, Fireshot and Vanquish. Because my three favorite things in TF lore are Micromaster combiners, fuzors and Knock Out. Did I mention I love Knock Out?

Bless you Mairghread~

OHHHHHHHHHH MY GOSH!!!!!!! CONFIRMED CONFIRMED CONFIRMED  also Mscott confirmed once again for awesome writer and person

Knock Out in IDWverse.  Yesssssssssss.  So many avenues open up with this information.  So many.  I want IDW medic snark and bitching like, yesterday.  

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FIC: Disciplinary Action - Transformers - Ironhide/Sideswipe

So, the tf_rare_pairing comm on Livejournal (mirrored here and fully functional as well on DW) is having a fic lottery. Where you write fic for prompts and get tickets that you can drop to win prizes.

Prizes. I am like -342343 to my save vs. prizes. And I will be stuffing a few of those prize buckets, k thnx. :D

I might have already written a fic. >_>

Also now my DW posts are being automatically mirrored to Tumblr, via the magic of IFTTT. So, there shall be fic posted to here now.  Enjoy!

Title: Disciplinary Action
Universe/Continuity: Bayverse
Rating: PG
Warnings: …robot swearing?
Characters: Ironhide, Sideswipe
Pairing: Ironhide/Sideswipe
Prompt: Sideswipe/Ironhide (Bayverse) - “You’re gorgeous when you’re angry”
Notes: Set very pre-movies.

Sideswipe did not sneak well. It wasn’t in his nature. Also, trying to sneak in a cargo bay filled with milling troops fresh off the battlefield was pretty impossible. Read more… )

Robots and cyborgs and androids, oh my!


Robot Big Bang is open for sign ups.


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Transformers with a Terminator vibe.


I’m really convinced that the only explanation for OP’s increasingly violent personality arc in Bayverse is that he’s slowly going insane and going Shattered Glass.  I mean, lookit that first pic.  Dude is coming from the Smelting Pit to fuck your shit up, and in the second one he brought his demon with him.  And his demon’s snack.

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Oh god I don’t need anymore t-shirts, BUT IF I DID.

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1 day, 1 sketch.
Request weeeeeeek

June 2, 2014 - HM Chromedome
June 3, 2014 - G1 Sideswipe
June 4, 2014 - SG Blazter
June 5, 2014 - Octane
June 6, 2014 -Bluestreak
June 7, 2014 -Boooooooooooooooooooob
June 8, 2014 - Astrotrain


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The full TF4 score is now on iTunes.
*rips shirt*

For the non-iConsumers, here it is on Amazon as well,

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Scientists: A mysterious animal ate an entire 9-foot great white shark



Tagging this one for dduane and marinarusalka

Also: I’ve changed my mind.  I don’t want to go snorkeling in Australia any more.

The kaiju are coming.

"Prime.  You really….I think you need to send Ratchet.  I mean, an actual psych officer would be best, but I know we’ve got, oh, none of those on-planet.  We really, REALLY NEED someone who knows psych trauma right now."

"Of course, I’ll send him.  But why.  Have the Decepticons attacked while Metroplex was still recovering from entry?"

"No.  Worse.  I mean, water landing was the only choice, but I don’t think he was psychologically prepared for crashlanding into an ocean teeming with wildlife.  He’s pretty watertight, but he boiled a good stretch of ocean bleeding off the heat of re-entry, and I think we might have landed on top of…a group of aquatic sealife."

"…ah.  Is he…?"

"He’s insisting on gathering what corpses he can and holding a ceremony for them."

"….Ratchet and I are en route."

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My web history of late seems kinda telling.


"That Time Captain America Fought a Volkswagon Beetle" — Please tell me that this is a CA/Transformers crossover.  *_*

*looks it up, finds that, sadly, it is not*


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TFP Optimus Prime plushie

Commission, made for paixchasseu

He’s finally done. I’m not sure how long he’s taken, because I stopped counting after 100 hours, but it’s been nearly 6 months worth of weekends spent working on him but I am finally, finally finished.

Optimus is 24” to the tip of his crest, and made from minky, with a plastic armature and safety joints. His windows are organza with a layer of transparent PVC, so they’re slightly see through :3

He was made to this design by Laserbot

Nearly all of the pieces were sewn on the sewing machine, and then he was hand stitched together. All the embroidery was done using the button hole stitch on the sewing machine, and the dots on his smoke stacks were done with a SetaSkrib fabric pen. His Autobot symbols are patches, custom made by SoapyBacon 

Very soon he’ll have his own weapon and tiny little Megatron plush, but he’s needed for Botcon and I’ve run out of time to get all his little accessories done.

He’s ended up even more complex than my previous Knock Out plush, and whilst it been a damn long and frustrating job to make him, I’m so happy with him you just have no idea :’D Mostly I love his legs but oh man I’m so proud of his face too oh man~

Unfortunately, due to the fact that I’ve wanted to punch myself in the face more or less constantly for 6 months, I’m not making any more plushies to this level of detail for a good long while :C

**Bonus Bob pictures because OP doesn’t understand how they’re so small and cute in this universe :D**

oh my god that is the most awesome Optimus Prime ever lookit his woobie widdle FACE.  <3

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Day three of the Flights of Fancy Bakery.

…I want Transformers lego.

Oh my friend, come over to the dark side….

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Such grace.  So expressive.  Much snark.  Wow.

(I miss Knock Out.)

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That heavy breathing sound you hear is just Prowl deciding he needs an altmode change.

(via This $1.6 Million Dubai Police Bugatti Veyron Is Real)

That heavy breathing sound you hear is just Prowl deciding he needs an altmode change.

I have to admit that this was the only high point of that movie for me.  Sam’s jokes can be over the top (and were for most of the movie), but I thought he was funny TF1 and (mostly) in 2, and this was the one part of The Movie That Does Not Exist that I thought was hilarious.

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